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Originally Posted by smcc63 View Post
the commander was acknowledging an aural altitude warning when she made this comment
OK, I see. I was anticipating discussion of the radar target identified by the co-pilot, I thought the pilot was responding to that, in addition to the initial acknowledgement. Regarding the automated aural ALTITUDE alert, what normally is the SOP crew response for that? I would have thought a formal acknowledgement of that warning would be required, such as "height 200, no further descent" and then the co-pilot responding "roger, 200 captured, no further descent", something like that, rather than what was said.

And my other question, I'm not familiar with a radalt triggering ALTITUDE warning, normally I expect radalt to trigger a MINIMA warning, which is referenced to height and not barometric altitude. Is this just an S92 configuration thing? MINIMA seems to me to be the proper warning, as that is self evident not to descend any further. ALTITUDE could just mean you've strayed plus or minus whatever tolerance away from an assigned barometric altitude.

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