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Originally Posted by Piltdown Man View Post
DavidReid - I have always respected your opinion. I seldom disagree with you and I'm not going to now. As I said in my last post above, this is not a problem for me, only my company. I also know who pays my salary (and soon my pension).

But I find it interesting that contract law appears to trump any aviation law. Once the victims park their bums they appear to be invulnerable. So being a bit naughty, what is a passenger's status after passing the gate, before getting on board? Clarity is essential as I fly 50,000 people every year and I'd like to know what is legal and what is not.
That is an interesting question, because there are lots of incidents of passengers getting removed from a plane for no particular reason. Maybe they were working on an abstruse math paper or they were taking pictures of the IFE screen or they were speaking some foreign language.
Thus far, there has been no protest against such actions, arguably high handed and illegal under normal commercial contracts.
That will surely come under scrutiny and may not be permitted to continue. Certainly one might argue that if someone has gone through security, they should be acceptable to the airline.
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