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Originally Posted by Piltdown Man
DavidReid - I have always respected your opinion. I seldom disagree with you and I'm not going to now. As I said in my last post above, this is not a problem for me, only my company. I also know who pays my salary (and soon my pension).

But I find it interesting that contract law appears to trump any aviation law. Once the victims park their bums they appear to be invulnerable. So being a bit naughty, what is a passenger's status after passing the gate, before getting on board? Clarity is essential as I fly 50,000 people every year and I'd like to know what is legal and what is not.

Posted by Matt48

PM, Your last sentence has me astounded, you are a PIC and you are asking on here what are the legal ramifications.
Why so? Operating crew are not lawyers and the query is about pax not even on board!!.
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