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To those posters using this thread to denigrate the pilot work force; PPRuNe is a professional pilots forum, please leave the chips on your shoulders at the door
Pilots enjoy very high levels of public support and esteem. In my personal view, rightly so.

If the public has a beef with airlines, it really isn't to do with the pilots.

Responsibility is rarely a completely black and white issue with a sharp dividing line between zero responsibility and 100% responsibility. The court will decide this. But I expect the majority of the lay public you serve would likely believe the PIC has at least some responsibility for lots of things whenever s/he is onboard. It may be dangerous to think of a problem as "your problem."

Unfortunately the IC part of PIC means pilots risk getting caught up in something they have little direct involvement in. Best way to manage this risk is to be aware and be involved. Otherwise you are potentially at risk by the person who is thinking least.
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