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Piltdown Man - your post reveals exactly what I have said. Somehow the actions of law enforcement seem irrelevant to you here. I would strongly suggest that they are at the root of the problem. That is not to say that Dr Dao was completely reasonable. What we all have to recognize is that if you have a flight with 150 assorted passengers on board, some will be trickier to handle than others. Given that we are all likely to be faced with some difficult and less compliant passengers, the default action by law enforcement cannot be to carry out violent attacks on such people, simply because they can. This is all about training - there is no achievement in handling nice people who, when told to jump reply, 'How high'? The skill is dealing with perfectly law-abiding but idiosyncratic people who think they have rights or absolutely reject the idea of being booted from a flight to accommodate staff. The future costs of travel are nothing to do with Dr Dao - they are all to do with inadequately trained and selected security staff who are totally ill-equipped to perform their basic duties due to an astonishing lack of common sense and temperamental inadequacies.
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