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Originally Posted by Piltdown Man View Post
Just to be clear, I have no interest in disembarking any passenger on a random whim. PM
But that is just what happened. Not chosen by the captain, to be sure, but randomly chosen nonetheless. Yes, the passenger/customer does have the right to expect the occupy the seat. He had bought (paid for) a ticket, passed through all the necessary formalities and was behaving as civilised member of the human race.

The problem arose because four members crew (working for the airline) turned up at the 11th hour and 59th minute. The airline decide they had to fly so others should be off loaded. Bribery worked on three but not on the four person, Dr Dao. Airline solution, call "security" and have him forcibly removed. Not an acceptable solution for Dr Dao or one suspects many other millions of the travelling public.

PS. PM Seems there are three in a row here who are thinking along the same lines...!! As I said, in reality it runs into millions... In essence I suppose you could ask the question: Are the airlines run for the convenience of airlines or for the convenience of passengers..?
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