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Originally Posted by Piltdown Man View Post
What makes me feel uneasy is that some here have the opinion that that as soon as a passenger's bum hits their seat they are protected by some omnipotent legal shield. The passenger can now call the shots. Does that mean that unless my company come up with a sufficiently high enough level of compensation for them to vacate their seat they have a legal right to remain seated, no matter what? Do they have to travel on the aircraft they boarded, in that seat to the prescribed destination, no matter what?
No, not "no matter what".

But if the passenger hasn't breached the Conditions of Carriage that they (and your employer) have agreed to, and they are already sat in a serviceable seat on a flight that's going to their intended destination, then yes, you can only buy them out of their contract by offering them what they consider to be an acceptable sum.

From this point on, you're going to have to get used to that idea.
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