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Originally Posted by Photonic View Post
It's simple. In a safety-related issue like this (which was NOT the case with Dr. Dao), you offer apologies, sufficient compensation, and every effort to get that displaced pax where they need to go in a reasonable timeframe. Something like this:

"We're very sorry, but your seat is broken and we didn't spot it before boarding. It would be unsafe for you to fly in that seat. Here's $300 cash in partial compensation, a hotel room if necessary, and we will make every effort to get you to your destination ASAP, even if it means buying you a ticket on another carrier."

Increase the offer if it means the pax was traveling with spouse and kids, if they don't want to fly separately. In a clear safety-related incident like that, with sufficient compensation, I think the number of pax you'd have trouble with would be extremely low.
So let me get this right. It's not OK to beat the s___ out of pax for a nonsafety-related reason, but if s/he fails to get off the plane for a safety-related reason (even one that is not immediate), you can use force? And for an important safety-related reason, you still need to offer unlimited amounts of money -- rather than just saying "get off and we'll give you IDB?
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