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I am new here so excuse me if I am repeating past questions.
I am in Y12 and seriously considering a career in the RAAF as a Pilot.
Got a few questions about the recruitment process as I see some of you are in the midst of it.

1. I have a medical concern with my eye sight. About 80% of my family have poor vision, mine is 20/20 as of the moment. Does eye sight have to be 20/20 uncorrected for the medical, or simply correctable to 20/20?

2. How long does the recruitment process take? I am assuming that I should be applying as soon as possible?

3. How hard/competitive is the process?

4. On the apply form, it asks for your highest level of education. Do I put Year 12 as I am currently doing it? If I put Y10 the website doesn't let me choose Pilot?

5. Any tips for somebody just starting out?

Thanks. Look forward to chatting with y'all
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