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Pan Euro I think we are wasting our breath with this guy. He could probably get a civil service job closing hospitals, schools and fire stations too.

The pilots and crews who operate Police Aviation know well the advantages and limitations of the helicopter. Everyone else just has an opinion. Those opinions change the moment they themselves need police assistance in a crisis where an ASU could make a significant difference.

Most likely Jay had his ring piece searched by the boys in blue and didn't really enjoy it. Apologies for the colloquialism but spent some time at the NEASU where Ring Pieces are often searched by the "Bizzies" anyone out there remember the good old days at NEASU with PASF. Evening entertainment over Pennywell. Great days and the Xmas parties were Ace! Chasing Scrotes through the night. CRM developing the hard way when the pilots wants to left and the Bobby wants to go right! Great bunch of lads and lasses and a huge privelidge to have been a small part of it.
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