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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
now you really are talking horse. You have never used things like MX15 clearly.

no, it is a high profile public event - possibly a terror target - and you have an immediate response with a helo in the overhead to direct resources with a perfect overall view.
So please explain how drones can not achieve the same result at a fraction of the cost?

People travelling on the Tube or public transport in major cities offer the same target to terrorists every day. Witness the St Petersburg metro attack yesterday.

Much as I like flying helicopters they have their limitations and the USP was the ability to hover.

Drones can now achieve better results for a fraction of the hourly cost.

NPAS closed the bases for cost reasons. They worked out a lot of very expensive hours were wasted on the trivial events we now read on the twitter feeds.

More here..
NPAS London‏ @NPASLondon

Been to Crawley, West Sussex, to help officers search for a victim @sussex_police. Area searched but no trace from us #NPAS63.
11:23 pm 2 Apr 2017
@NPASLondon @sussex_police A victim of what? It appeared you were overhead Maidenbower

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