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Thankfully exceedances remained well below 5 seconds. Although 3 of them probably isn't very impressive. Will have to make sure we dont add to that list.

The engine blades will be inspected on Monday, i was expecting Friday but the shop didn't get around to doing it. I wont be flying her until she's looked at and will do circuits thereafter first.

As i bought the aircraft used, I'm not too sure about a FSR out here in my neck of the woods. Would i be contacting Piper or Pratt to refer me to a field service representative?

Pardon my inexperience as this is my first "glass cockpit" aircraft.

ADAS would be similar to the CAMP status reports i see on my friends jets right? If this trend monitoring system is available for my Avidyne Meridian, how do i sign up and get it going? So i have in depth knowledge and understanding of what's happening with my plane and the engine.

At this moment, i call the shop over to the hangar every 10-12 hours to do a one over on the aircraft, make sure fluids are okay, brake pads are sufficient, check it through besides the time scheduled maintenance items.

A trend monitoring service would be very helpful and I'd appreciate very much if you could refer me one. Much thanks in advance.

Stilton :

Im going to look at buying that ground power unit sometime next week. Have to arrange someone to be around to disconnect it once start is successful and I'm wondering how hard that might be with the prop blowing away. I cant imagine it's impossible though.
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