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As has been said, most duties if you are adequately can cope with.

How about this 2 weeks for fatiguing

Day 1
9.30am DXB-CMB-SIN..11pm at the Hotac 7pm Body clock
Day 2
10.15pm local sign on SIN-CMB-SIN at home 5am
Day 3 Rest day
Day 4
11.20pm DXB-JNB 8.30am at the Hotac 6.30am Body clock
Day 5
7.30am local sign on JNB-DXB at home 9.45pm
Day 6
2.25pm DXB-KWI-DXB at home 10.50pm
Day 7
Day 8
3.00am DXB-MAN 7.45am at Hotac 10.45am Body clock
Day 9
7.15am local sign on MAN-DXB at home 8pm
Day 10
7.45pm DXB-RUH-DXB at home 00.15am (into day 11)
Day 11
Day 12
3.15am DXB-COK-DXB at home at 3.30pm
Day 13
2.00pm DXB-DEL-DXB at home 11.45
Day 14
Day off

At the end of that little lot, alternating between day and night, east west etc...I could barely count to 10.
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