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Originally Posted by FJ2ME View Post
Thanks again, looks like more votes for MCCPilotLog. I'll check it out. Anyone care to detail the procedures on mil-civil flight times these days? I was under the impression from people i've shared ground school classrooms with that the factoring thing is still happening although I've lost the source of that. Beagle I understand the point about keeping 2 logbooks, but are you also therefore suggesting I start transposing all my military flying since the start into a separate logbook to cover the chock-to-chock time? All help, particularly with references, gratefully accepted.
LASORS 2010 allowed factoring of military logbooks to allow taxi time (10mins per training flight, 15 mins for duty flight). There's a link to the document here: http://www.999tom.com/documents/pilotdocs/lasors.pdf

Once EASA came into effect LASORS was superseded by CAP804, which has no mention of factoring for taxi time. Beagle will be able to provide more info on this.

People are still factoring and producing a signed addendum to their logbook on leaving the Service, but I would highly recommend running a civilian logbook alongside your military one, logging the same details,but offblocks to onblocks times, so that you don't get caught out by a future employer not recognising the LASORS factorisation.
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