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D4D - A brilliant find. There were 136 NOTAMs supplied as part of my last briefing package tonight - for a one hour flight. One made sense. It explained that the very obvious red lights and barriers across a taxiway were there because of some equally obvious building works. Another useful NOTAM told us that the localiser may fluctuate due to the presence of preceding aircraft on the runway. No. Surely not. We also learnt that "CODE E MOVEMENTS PPR DUE WIP". That's amazing. What are "Code E" movements? Who cares? But we had been told!

I agree. NOTAMS are the aeronatical equivalent of 'crying wolf' and therefore are a complete waste of electrons and toner/ink. We had three pertinent NOTAMs on our last flight tonight - the rest were rubbish. The ratio of dross to useful information must be reduced to better than 50% and when that is done they might get read. If maybe the writers were charged for each one per hour pf validity they might not be written?

Airbubba - The obsession in Britain is with 'elf'n'safety' and people running scared in case some filthy compo lawyer has a go at them. Pointless and irrelevant NOTAMs are a manifestation of that problem.


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