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2 NDBs at Perth
One at the old flying boat base on the river (PH 400??)

an indifferent auto-pilot,
An autopilot, what luuuxxxxury!!! That's what the co-pilot (before they became known as First Officer) was for, to fly the aeroplane ---- and that ILS thingy, that was strictly "secret Captain's business".

At least we did have 90 channel Murphy VHF comms ---- the one with the two dirty great selector wheels, to select the numbers either side of the "dayceeemal" ---- to select the actual crystals, none of this frequency synthesis.

The A in ADF was a bit of a fiction, but never mind, the loop ( BRT - Big Round Thing) was in the cockpit roof, withing a short reach of either seat, not like the crank handle on the Bendix ADF box's from the land of the septics.

Tootle pip!!

PS: I have a Bendix "A"DF receiver out back, the box weight is just over 70 pounds, about, about 30 kgs in new money ---- a current equivalent is lighter than just the Bendix cockpit controller.
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