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Got someone going.

Different era, lots more fun, knew most of the Pax we carried by first names and they us.

A 5 channel VHF, tuneable HF receiver, no FSU except MKR, engine starts were an acquired art, 2 Gal oil jugs carried up to the top of the cowell via the wing, over wing refuelling in ALL weathers.

IFR plan, VFR procedures, an indifferent auto-pilot, no aircon, box lunch put on in Perth.

NDB at Magnet and MKR with 2 NDBs at Perth with an ILS no VOR anywhere.

Shoes were required as the rudder pedals could be quite warm:

No magenta line, wiss wheel calculations.

An employer who actually cared, Horrie Miller always called me by my name so he remembered or asked when we arrived so he could do this.

All on less than $3500 a year, pure gold those days, regrettably no more.

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