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Stationair; May I suggest that greybeard was, whilst probably saying truthfully how it was way back then was also attempting to wind you up a bit! And I'd say he succeeded!

If you want an example of Flight and Duty times totally ignored, let alone observed in the abeyance thereof, I would refer you to the things that any GA Pilot in Papua New Guinea back in the 80's and 90's had to endure, merely to ensure that the Company he worked for continued to operate....let alone keep his job!

For instance; Twice a week I signed on at 0-Dark Hundred at our Port Moresby base with a take off at first light on what was termed 'The Jungles Run' and the day generally finished somewhere near Last light returning from the other side of the Country (Wewak, Madang, or wherever) knowing that you had to be back at the Office around 7am the following day.

None of us complained! We all knew that we were breaking some rules but we all also knew that if we didn't, the Company would not survive! The work was there and we had to do it.

And quite frankly; I enjoyed it!! I'd go back to it in a flash if I were given the opportunity. Sadly, it 'aint gonna happen!!!
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