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The UK CAP413 is found here and on page 2 titled "Level Reporting" it states:
3.9 However, care must be taken to ensure that misunderstandings are not generated as a consequence of the phraseology employed during these
phases of flight. For example, levels may be reported as altitude, height or flight levels according to the phase of flight and the altimeter setting. Therefore, when passing level messages, the following conventions apply:

1. The word ‘to’ is to be omitted from messages relating to FLIGHT LEVELS.

2. All messages relating to an aircraft’s climb or descent to a HEIGHT
or ALTITUDE employ the word ‘to’ followed immediately by the
word HEIGHT or ALTITUDE. Furthermore, the initial message in any
such RTF exchange will also include the appropriate QFE or QNH.

I have always thought as Legal Tender has posted that if there is any evidence to say an aircraft is to land with less than final reserve fuel that a MAYDAY will be declared, the term MINIMUM FUEL only means that the diversion is no longer possible however it is still expected to land with the required final reserve. Are you aware that telling ATC you are MINIMUM FUEL that no priority will be given, just the most accurate track mileage to touchdown or anticipated delay passed?
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