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USS KEARSARGE CV-33 with Hydraulic Catapults & WOODEN DECK
A4G 886 Cross Deck May 1969 “...on the occasion of the first launch of an Aussie A4 and as the aircraft was hauled down the rather more sluggish Hydraulic Catapult it deposited a selection of various pieces of debris which came tumbling down the timber flight deck of 'Kearsarge'. Note that she was commissioned several years prior to 'Melbourne' though larger and considerably better equipped. These foreign objects included a selection of Buddy Store scupper drains, covers and miscellaneous hardware which had been torn from it by the untidy and voluminous bundle of webbing belts which were used to prevent the catapult strop from leaving the ship....” Ray (Dutchy) Brauer
From Dutchy Brauer - HMAS Melbourne/USS Kearsarge 'Crossdeck operation '69
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