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With the greatest of respect, please post this to the relevant thread - there is one concerning this guy. What THIS thread is all about is the failure of the RAF to maintain airworthy Aircraft for the VGS side of 2 FTS.

We should ALL not be in any doubt whatsoever, that whilst this chap was a complete con-artist,( and criminal ) he had nothing whatsoever to do with the failure of RAF hierarchy and the fleet of allegedly non-airworthy aircraft. I accept that much more caution should have been shown at times, but suffice it to say he was detected at VGS level and a Unit inquiry was held.

He sadly remained un-detected for some time in other places, namely BBMF, and some civilian flying organisations.Sadly all this awful case has done, is to perhaps assist the RAF case for the ending of RAFVR(T) commissions with an inferior substitution of a Queens Commission in the Cadet Corps. It only takes ruin a lifetime of good work by hundreds of others.

All that this does is to deflect attention from where it should be directed, and that is to the various management levels within the RAF who were tasked with maintaining a brand new fleet of Grob aircraft in the required manner over the years since they were purchased by MoD.

What we should also stress is that not ONE person or Officer within the RAF VR(T), was in any way responsible for the last three years of shambles and the huge waste of taxpayer money, with the attendant loss of Air Cadet VGS activity for just short of three years.

Each and every VGS unit conducted their Engineering and flying training activity to the highest of standards required, with very few exceptions which were always detected and appropriate sanctions made where required.

How do I know? I served on three VGS units, (one on a front line active RAF station) and during that time received an RAF Flight safety award for my own Engineering vigilance which potentially prevented the loss of an aircraft. I also held roles involving screening of staff, where we had a very highly tuned nose for "Walter's", " Risk takers", and complete "Barclays bankers" . I attended Station Flight Safety meetings, and at NO time were we the subject of any criticism or follow up actions. More than one of our staff instructors were serving GD Pilot Officers, one of whom was of Air rank, and thus we were highly regarded by a series of Stn Cdrs, one of whom became CAS. Our Eng Officer was a former and recent Wg Cdr Eng thus you may safely assume that not a lot got past him !

The only major failure that must be addressed with regard to VGS ops was by the professionals within the RAF, at middle and senior ranks in letting a brand new fleet of aircraft deteriorate to the point where airworthiness was severely in doubt !

Remember, just because you are a professional, you are not immune from error and misjudgement, human failings occur across the spectrum.

Thought for the day...........Noah was an amateur, but the Captain of the Titanic was a professional !

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