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Engines On the basis that the 'issues' relating to the 'pause' happened when part of 3 FTS it seems that the ATC were 'sold a pup' by the TFR of responsibility to a new organisation.
Did OC the new 2FTS have any other option than the action he took even if his 'handling' of the situation was less than open to the staff he inherited.
It rather looks as if the RAF have sought to pass the buck to a volunteer organisation that had no part in the original failings.
The 'back handed' comments re 'volunteers' and the civilian element almost seem to be an attempt to rewrite history to the point that the RAF could run the organisation fine, but well, look what happened when we handed it over.
Of course those of us with a memory of past events know different, but the public perception may well be what the RAF/MOD are more interested in, and those in charge at the top have hardly a great reputation for seeing the truth coming out.
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