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Air displays yes, but not in the UK

I have had the pleasure of flying aerobatics in my CAP10c for a few years now, and was last year reeled into doing my first display, at a Danish airshow in Stauning.

As Denmark does not have a system set up for display authorizations I could do that within the law, on the basis that the display followed the rules laid down for displays in DK: The display program had to be submitted weeks in advance, the full program had to be practiced minimum two times the last two weeks before, no manouvers to go below 500 ft, a safety line for spectators and rules for manouvers towards the spectators depending on speed etc.

These rules seems like basic conditions for conducting an airshow in front of a paying audience, and it is tragic if similar rules for the Shoreham display were not in effect, or of the rules were clearly broken, leading to the disaster.

On basis of the UK system I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed doing my first display, but that I will not be going through the hassle and not least the cost of obtaining a UK Display Authorization; the few displays I can ever do per year will not cover that. Still I will be happy to do displays in Denmark and other places where I can do that safely without running into problems with the local CAA.
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