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I operate at the weddings, funerals and bah mitzvahs level of the food chain (Fairford and Farnborough are unlikely to be troubled - would be nice if they asked!). I didn't apply for a DA last year as I saw no point.

I'm relatively new to the airshow scene (four displays now!!!!) and I have an interesting and relatively rare aircraft and would count myself as an experienced pilot (x thousand hours) but the few guys and girls who are already at this level understandably have that type of business sewn up.

To make it "pay" (and it has to), I need X for fuel, Y for maintenance and Z for fees. X and Y are fair enough and nothing has changed in that respect. Z however, I need to charge in advance for a "permission" and that has to be paid for no matter what. If I am then weathered off or go tech, it still has to be paid. It's a big deal to ask for someone to front up for a non-refundable 300 for a mighty (non-Spitfire) machine, who will then be charged another X+Y IF I'm able to turn up. Remember, this isn't RIAT.

If you want a number cancelled, they never were as they never happened, but I reckon about three or four.

In short, given the restrictions now applied and the extra costs, why bother?

There's your challenge, Mr Haines.

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