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Grasping at strings

I agree with all the latest comments.
The attempted return to Okanagan's colours, after decimating nearly every one of the original crews that built OK is an attempt by the new CHC management to claim to know its history. You simply can't compare what OK was with what this aptly named "American airline top heavy/ upside down triangle structure" is. I tend to think that the new orange colour is simply the new "money bleeding" red moving forward, with a bit of rust thrown in, because it's been going on for so long. If and when the Fifth Circuit court allows this charade to start again how long will it last using "other people's money". To sum it up, to try and pretend that the old OK brand is still around is an insult to those that worked there for so many years.
First Reserve really did put the finishing touch, literally, to what was once a fine company. Remember that this all started before the price of oil took a nose dive. I think starving rats in a small cage treat each other better than what is going on right now, based on what I hear. This doesn't usually make for positive results either in the short term or long term. The correct logo right now is with the bird on its back looking up.
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