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Hi folks,

I've been reading up on the requirements for flight training in the U.S., and the more I'm researching the more confusing it gets. If someone could help me clarify things a little that would be most appreciated.
I live in Switzerland, where I've recently started my PPL training. Now, I'll be traveling the U.S. and Canada this spring, not for training but just as a vacation. However, I'd love to take a few flying lessons while I'm there, to get some aviation experience outside of my home country. I was thinking of maybe five or six hours at the most.

Now, apparently I would need to apply for the TSA foreign student program in order to start flight training in the United States. However, to obtain this permission it seems that I would also need a student visa (F1) or similar, which I don't have as of now (I'm traveling under the Visa Waiver program). But to get a student visa, I'd have to enroll in a full-time course??
That's where I'm stuck. Does anyone have some advice for me? As mentioned I don't intend to finish my training and/or apply for a license while abroad, I'm really just looking for some relaxed basic flying lessons.
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