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I don't think FPP will ever be announced as being scrapped, it'll just drift into distant memory like a lot of things have at BA, they're generally nicknamed "Enhancements". BA has and will simply make a fanfare that they recruit from CTC Whitetail.

As for recruitment numbers, I imagine there's enough DEP recruits that there isn't a great need to rely on cadet pilots. Remember, BA does and continue to cut costs drastically in all areas of the business, the airline has gone through massive change since FPP launched.

But I really hope that the flexicrew rumour remains a rumour, it'd be shameful of the flag carrier to drop to that level and I hope BALPA would get involved, but the ongoing mixed fleet dispute should tell you enough about how the airline is willing to treat it's staff. BA's glamour as the flag carrier is slowly seeping away, they're just another airline. Awfully sad but true.
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