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Sounds like the lack of engineers is hurting. Told that out of a fleet of 11 Fokker's, 5 were grounded on the same day last week along with 2 Dash 8's and a 767.

Also heard that management did not want to send an engineer on the 737's because of the shortage.

And after all these years PX has finally realised that they have too many 767 Captains and not enough F/O's and could save money by not flying 2 Captains together all the time. Rumour is that 4 of the most junior Captains will be relegated as Captains to the 737 fleet which is already overflowing with Captains! Suppose that 2 Captains flying together on the 73 is cheaper than 2 on the 76.

That and the seat sale will surely save em heaps.

Foo economics???
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