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First, welcome to PPRuNe. It's always good to see a new name come onboard.

Having said that, you seem to have an erroneous impression of traffic levels through Iraqi airspace. For many reasons the Baghdad ACC has no lack of itinerant traffic; ironically some of that is due to uncertainties regarding safety levels in neighbouring FIRs (Syria of course, but also some of the other neighbours).

The days of concern for enroute safety levels in Iraqi airspace ended six or seven years ago (although that could change again, as we all know...). Of course there are some areas in Northern Iraq that are of concern at lower altitudes, and some (few) that have higher levels of risk even at higher altitudes, so they are avoided.

If you had the opportunity / ability to visit the ACC on a midnight shift (not an easy feat as you can imagine) you would likely be impressed (shocked even) by the amount of transiting traffic.

Re GCAA in Dubai, there is a separate thread on this forum that sometimes catches the eye of a controller or two from The Sandpit. As with many ppruners who are actually on the front lines, they don't usually like to share info publicly on sites like this. But... if you pose your question on that thread and kindly ask someone with info to send you a PM, you might get a response.

PS: I assume you are aware of a DXB controller who is a former controller at your current PPRuNe address. Perhaps that person could help you out...


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