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It would appear we have made some progress here....current events in Europe re Immigrants/Refugees and Trumps concern about what dangers are posed by ineffective vetting might pose are being seen as having some correlation.

Looking back in time....we had Ellis Island which for years screened Immigrants and if some failed to pass the screening done there....were refused entry. That was during the time when it was a long sea voyage and very costly compared to the means most had when they started that trip to the "New World".

We had our own interior migration during the Depression when so many from Oklahoma and Texas headed west and had to endure measures designed to keep them from entering California.

Nations are defined by many aspects....to include their Borders and unless those Borders are controlled....then they lose their sovereignty. How long ago was it that was a practice in Europe?

Today....the UK is confronted with the problem of folks sneaking across from France.

As to Trump manipulating the Media.....the Media, unlike in Obama's case, did not "make" Trump.....in fact they have and are still doing everything they can to destroy him. They failed during the Election and as a result shall not be able to destroy him while he is in Office. Had the media ever turned on Obama he would have been very vulnerable as without their support he would not have succeeded in winning the first Election and darn sure would not have won the second.

Don't worry about Trump....he learned in Business how to work the Media.

Just as other celebrities....Media attention (good or bad) is good as it gets One's Name into the Public's attention. In this case it provides motivation to his Base that, as does Trump, the Mainstream Media are biased party hacks who are allies to the Democrat Party which is controlled currently by the extreme Left Wing of that Party. That in the eyes of the majority of the American People makes them their "enemy" (meaning a group that opposes the belief structure of those who see this country going in the wrong direction for the past two National Elections).
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