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Originally Posted by parabellum View Post

Think of it another way VP959 - Maybe, just maybe, after a month in power the jigsaw is starting to come together and Trumps advisors are starting to brief him with up to date information. Obviously going to cause the Democrats and PDR1 to have a serious bout of the Vapours, but they have lost their grasp on reality and still cannot accept that they lost the election, it wasn't the Democrats God given right to win it but they simply don't see that. I wonder if they realise that their disgusting behaviour on various stages, on the internet and in the streets, if continued, will cost them even more votes?
Sorry, I was referring to a year or two ago, when the now-President first seemed to realise that attacking the media got him more publicity from them than he could buy, not the current position where there are pretty astute advisors who may well be utilising that phenomenon to his (and their) advantage.

No disrespect, but I don't think that Donald Trump was really switched-on enough to think up what seems to have been a pretty counter-intuitive way to get free media coverage back then, and that view is supported by the fact that he cancelled planned paid-for media coverage (long before he was elected) when he realised that attacking the media gave him so much free coverage.

I happen to be in general agreement with his views on the media, including our own over here, but then how many people take outlets like Fox News seriously, anyway? I can't say that I have a firm opinion on his policies, really, because it's pretty unclear what they will be, in specific terms, from one day to the next.
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