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Originally Posted by galaxy flyer View Post
While many Democrats suffer TDS, they ought learn their history--where they created segregation, denied citizens the vote, passed Jim Crow laws, and elected a segregationist, progressive to the Presidency.

...and those 'Democrats' have shifted party alliances to the GOP all across the southern states. Any suggestion today's GOP is the party of minorities is laughable.

The fact is progressives can only achieve power by dividing up the populace into groups and pitting them against each other. Welcome to identity politics.
Actually divide and conquer was a principal strategy of Karl Rove and the Bush II team. They used racism to attack Senator John McCain during the primary, and continued divisive strategies all the way through the general election. To say divisive strategies were not part of team Trump, is akin to saying Trump's first 4 weeks in orifice have been a study in perfection.
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