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No worries, West Coast. I am truly enjoying witnessing the racist rats and moronic forked-tongue minions scramble about as their ship of fools, the SS TrumPus Vulgaris heads for the bottom of the cesspool.

My real worry is for the most vulnerable among us that will likely bear the brunt of the suffering these fools in orifice have placed upon them.

Real worry #2: If they continue on their ill-advised course, I predict a major terrorist attack on the US homeland before year's end - thanks to the administration's own ignorance, hate-mongering, xenophobic rants and racist rhetoric combined with an obvious disregard for the peace and safety of the world at large.

#3: The environment - will take a serious hit. Our rivers and the very air we breathe are now under serious threat thanks to your guy's picks for cabinet secretaries and his bent on supporting the disreputable and destructive forces represented by King Coal, Big Oil, and Big Polluters, over the lovely blue ball that gives us life, Mother Earth.

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