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Christmas spent in Utah thanks to procurement forgetting to tick the 'chaff' box when ordering the C-17 and then choosing to use the C-17 in real ops.....
Basic crew plus a couple of excellent 'Movers' headed West - rare event at that time - collected the DG from Hill AFB - marvelled at the number of F-16s on the ramp - and spent the route distributing proper-strength beer among the needy. Beer in 7-11 being marked as 'high alcohol content' if it was more than 2%.....If memory serves me correctly, the city was preparing to host the Winter Olympics so locals were very keen to welcome 'strangers'. Was given a lift by local blue light taxi as they didn't trust people who preferred to walk between bars.
Would still be there now if it wasn't for the fact that someone else needed the load.
Herc crew wearing Xmas hats being chucked out of a bar as the hats were not on the list of 'correct headgear' just showed how much work Utah had to do prior to Olympics.
Xmas hats worked a treat in Halifax on the way out I seem to recall as the local netball team fancied playing with our bobbles...........and the 'co' might have been mistaken as one of Princess Diana's grieving boyfriends.......happy fu55ing days ;-)
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