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Originally Posted by MiggHD View Post
Dont worry, I flopped in my GCSE's. I know I wont be going down the whitetail route, instead I will go down the Intergrated CPL/IR with takeoff.

But the main thing is the ATPL's. you cant afford to fail them or your career is over.
I hope failing your GCSEs was tongue in cheek! If not sorry to be the one that bursts your bubble but I am not much older than you, I had mixed results and pulled myself together and eventually got most of the results I wanted, if you can't even meet the basic requirements for whitetail you need to go back and make sure you can, basic education comes over aviation.

Failing your ATPLs is one thing, but most of us have Level 3 Qualifications like A Levels at a minimum to fall back on, many have degrees. Enough people struggle with ATPLs with very reputable education and I've heard even at Intergrated schools in the last few months there have been failures.

But to not even have 5 passes at GCSEs is asking for a disaster. Lose your medical? Where next? Stacking shelves won't pay off the debt. I know no Cabin crew educated to below GCSE standard and I'd be even more worried if commercial airline pilots were, there's been enough experience already cut out of training...

If you do want to against all odds take the risk though, at a minimum you should be going for some form of aptitude testing, I believe it can be done at the RAF Aircrew assessment center by one of the aviation bodies. They will be able to tell you if you should be investing your life and money into it.

Best of luck

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