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Is unrestricted airline travel now a "human right"?

Where does this come from for Heaven's sake?

Equally, what have insurance companies to do with this? How could they have any input?

People with criminal records get jobs too - it may be harder (until the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act kicks in and you no longer need to divulge it) but it isn't a bar to employment. Far from paying for the rest of his miserable life (such fanciful invention) it'll all be behind him in not many years - see R of A Act, above.

Dear me! Some over fanciful angst going on here I fear.

I do agree that the compensation is an insult. What on earth are people being compensated for? Has anyone lost money over this? So what are they being paid for? Being called a fat ****? How does that merit such an enormous payoff? Hurt feelings? Oh dear me! How awful!
Pathetic how our society seems to think that showering money makes unpleasant no-cost no-damage experiences go away.
Shoulda banged the creep up of course. Lifetime ban? Shame more airlines don't do this, and if they collaborated like pubs do on a "Banned from one, Banned from all" basis we'd soon see a reduction in this kind of behaviour. As long as the bleeding hearts from the "human rights" camp don't all start squalling it isn't fair on the poor dear...
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