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Originally Posted by bdpj View Post

I just failed the FEAST 1 at MUAC today... 4 participants out of +- 15 went to the FEAST 2.
They told that there're no ways to prepare to the FEAST but I don't think so.
The most difficult part for me which was the "cube folding" could be prepared before. I'll know it for the next time. By the way, is it possible to retake the FEAST test again at MUAC and if yes, within what time period ?
The cube folding test is indeed a tricky one. My advice would be to find some similar tests on the internet. As for a retake, it is possible to apply again but only 2 years later than your first application. You can also ask for a feedback. They may give you some clues on what you can improve in order to be succesful during your next attempt. Good luck !
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