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Final submission were heard today and decision "expected to be 2 - 4 weeks"

Aside from the case I was informed by a very a reliable source that 2 of the terminated pilots who called in sick recently had gained employment with opposition companies. Both have now been terminated. I am led to believe it is because poxie put pressure on the guvment to have them terminated.

Also have it from extremely reliable source that those companies have been told they are now not permitted to employ any pilot from poxie!

On a final note reports have been filtering thru that when flights arrive at FMS in the middle of the night there is only 1 light working on the PAPI.

FMS, which comes under USA admin, will not issue a NOTAM. Poxie is aware of this yet still roster flights knowing that there is no approach lighting system. Unfortunately flight crew do not have a leg to stand on by refusing to conduct the flights as there is no NOTAM but knowing full well that there is no functioning approach lighting.

If only the fleet office and CP could put pressure on the company to stop this madness before an accident occurs.

Ahh poxie flight standards at it's best.
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