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terry holloway
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Originally Posted by foxmoth View Post
Totally disagree, lying in bed is generally thought to be safe, but if thats all you do you will suffer all sorts of problems - and it is where most people die!
Aerobatics by a trained but inexperienced aerobatic pilot is relatively safe at 3,000'+ but less safe at 2,000' and progressively less safe the nearer he gets to the ground and similar could said of many aspects in aviation!
Therefore, using that logic it's safe to descend below MSA in IMC conditions! I disagree.
However, if one decides to do so, I agree it's less risky to descend over the sea, notwithstanding that there are less masts and aerials about than over the land, unless one encounters a ship! Risk management is an important element of safety, but safe/unsafe are viewed by most people as "black and white". Not grey!
As for staying in bed, that's not for me! Far too dangerous!!
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