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SWB makes a very good point about how it is a bit late, about 85 years too late; and incredibly patronising and misogynistic, to think that we poor sweet little girlies need role models to be inspired to fly and it is disappointing to see the organisations that have perpetuated this by jumping on the bandwagon.

It was Apollo 11 that made me decide I wanted to fly (aged 6) I didn't get to go to the moon but I did manage to clock up 12,000 hours before I had even heard of this woman. Watching brand new Concordes, 747s and the Red Arrows as a little kid made me more determined, with encouragement from my uncle who served in 161 Squadron. However it was working four jobs simultaneously and then being awarded the Amy Johnson Memorial Scholarship that made this possible for me. A slickly edited TV show and a powerpoint presentation doesn't pay for flying lessons.

24 years as an instructor have shown me that most women just aren't interested and those that are just get on with it.

So for those who think this is just a witch hunt perhaps this explains why some of us are so annoyed by it all, the assumption we can't do it all by our funny little selves, and that people like my uncle actually earned those wings (as well as the DSO, DFC and bar and never even spoke about about his skills and bravery) ...as did Amy Johnson, who died serving her country. So...it is kind of personal, in a way, if that makes sense.

I wonder if she would have made it into the ATA?
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