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Has anyone ever assembled a chronology based solely on what the pilots had to work with?
It has always bothered me "...pulled the whole time into Stall...." When they may have had little or no data?

Synchronized with g, controls, attitude (from FDR), and itinerant CVR comment, it would be instructive?

My conclusion from what I have read is that they had no idea they were descending (at up to 17000 rpm), even after the 10000 foot alert, and GPW? All three still wanted to four thousand feet (where did they get that?)

"Crazy Speed. We have no indications. We've lost control..." Once there, (and they got there fairly quickly), how many ace pilots here care to explain what they think happened in the seven mile descent?

Any out there who have stabilized a Stalled A330 into a mushing, reasonably level aspect for seven miles of descent in turbulence at night without instruments?
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