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1) Trick question. Air Traffic Zones always have a height of 2000ft above the aerodrome. Because it's above an AD with an elevation of 350ft, the height of the ATZ will be 2000ft but it's altitude will be 2350ft.

2) Flight Levels are based off standard QNH of 1013hpa. 1hpa = 27ft.

1013hpa - 1003hpa = 270ft difference.

The pressure setting you are flying via is lower than 1013.

The easiest way to think about this is -

When you move the sub scale knob on the altimeter to the right to increase the value to 1013, the altimeter needle will also increase.

It will increase by 270ft.

4300ft + 270ft = 4570ft pressure altitude = above FL45. You are in controlled airspace.

3) 270kts airspeed + 30kts tailwind = 300kts ground speed.

speed = distance / time therefore time = distance/speed

time = 150nm / 300kts = 30 mins.

4) Pilot and passenger total weight = 180kg.

180kg + aircraft weight 265kg = 445kg.

You can only carry 5kg of fuel. Question asks for it in litres.

The specific gravity SG of AVGAS is roughly 0.72.

5kg / 0.72 = 6.9 litres.

You can only carry 6.9 Litres before infringing on the aircraft's MTOW.

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