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Originally Posted by cats_five View Post
However in the UK I think it's fair to say the BGA are the experts in teaching gliding, plus there are many more BGA sites which will reduce the amount of traveling for most cadets. If you want them to learn to glide the BGA route seems the best by far to me, however if you want them to learn to square bash etc. it would be absolutely hopeless!

So let's hear it - what is the real point of ATC gliding? Teaching cadets to fly a glider, or something else hung on a bit of gliding?
I guess the difference is that air cadet gliding is set up to get as many people as possible experience in the air, whereas BGA gliding is more sports orientated. It's not affordable to teach every cadet to glide anyway so the emphasis is on experience.

Another concern I have (I admit I may be completely wrong here) is that if BGA gliding becomes an official ATC activity then some cadets may be able to "pay to play", you'd be introducing a lot of cadets to a sport that many wouldn't be able to afford.
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