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Well said POBJOY, as to why they have no idea how to get the VGS' running again. Sadly too, a lot of the very experienced people have gone.

At the risk of being called a killjoy, I think that the RAF/GSA/BGA route would be even more of a huge management issue and take light years longer than solving the original problem.

Essentially it would sub-contract out the job of teaching Gliding and flying whether it be conventional and/or motor glider.

Because HQAC are led by people who mainly have NO flying experience they are essentially extremely risk averse. Because of this they would, quite frankly be so scared of any repercussions, that every conceivable risk would induce a nervous breakdown, atrial fibrillation or a cardiac arrest or the like, with the result that even if any limited scheme did surface, it would be so restrictive and so limited that it would be worthless.

At the moment the saga continues without any Ministerial interest, precious little accountability at Defence Select Committee and everyone in HQAC and 2 FTS feeling a bit like an old man in a dark suit who has wetted himself, and who feels warm and comfortable and nobody notices him !

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