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IR(R) Minima

Its revalidation time! Woohoo!!

There has been a "recent" change in horizontal distance minima, due to EASA believing that it is acceptable to fly VFR if the visibility is 1500m.

Having flown an ILS down to my personal minimums whilst the weather below cloud was at (allegedly) 2000m visibility, I am a little baffled by that decision... (because I don't think I could fly safely without instruments with no less than 3000m visibility)

Can anyone please point me to the UK CAA's ANO / Part-FCL which highlights the privileges of the IR(R) on a UK issued EASA licence? I am particularly interested to see if the original 1800m has been revised to 1500m in addition to check if there is any mention of DH/DA & MAPt minima.

I do remember clearly an AIP which suggested minima for non current IR holders and IMC holders with respective precision and non-precision approaches. This is also the minima used in the IMC written paper, and are probably quite wise minima too. However, I do believe that these were no more than suggestions and there is nothing enshrined in licence regulations preventing from descending to whatever is highlighted on the current instrument charts.

Can anyone point me in the right direction with regards to these UK CAA paragraphs / definitions? I seem to be lost with their new website (and also with all this ever changing EASA stuff).

Thank you for your help!
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