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Portmanteau :
If she did the Atco is just as much if not more to blame than Celia,
Already discussed at length before , None of the 2 had authority to prevent a/c from departing. Easy scapegoats,for people that do not know how really the system works and want to pass the buck to lower echelons.That's all.

On a side note on the PLN : what is interesting in the report is the fact that they filed W in the PLN while the aircraft was not RVSM certified , and really flew at FL300.. also disregard of safety and implications for other aircraft .. Did not spot that one .
But one more thing in a long list ..

Lemme :Your speculations turned out to be quite correct , I have to say. . of course the engines did quit at different times as expected, , and a few bits we did not know before the report , but overall , not bad at all .Credits when it is due.
But do not take this as proof that it will always work like this in the future. I still maintain that to make such detailed speculations bring nothing , and if you are wrong , or if your calculations differ from the official report , it will cause more far more harm than good.

I already see in the EVA/LAX thread comments like " ADS-B ( e.g FR24) is better than radar " or " US controllers do not have to monitor and correct readbacks " etc.. statements posted as " facts" , and those arguments being used by others to call the EVA pilots and the controller various names and of course blaming / accusing . Dangerous games. Especially if there are victims and some of those victims family members look for immediate justice/ vengeance.

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