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In late 1977, EAL worked out a deal to put an Omega receiver on the L-1011's. They paid $25K each when INS's were going for $100K. I forget who made them ( edit- Collins LRN-70 or 80? ). There was an operating book put in the FE's desk that was usually missing. You had to initialize your position on them at least 15 minutes before moving the aircraft. If you didn't do that, they didn't work right. You could turn them on at least 1/2 hour before moving and they went through a long automatic initialization and figured out where they were on their own. They didn't drift with time as INS's did as they operated as a VLF hyperbolic navigation system using 8 world wide stations. They were accurate to a couple of miles. They were never required for dispatch as the manual loran C's were still installed.

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