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Originally Posted by paco View Post
An Aviat 67 is an expensive beast, though extremely well built. If you were going to use a slide computer, you won't get a better one - the AFE ARC 2 would be another good choice.

I still use my whizzie after over 40 years - it doesn't need batteries so no embarrassing silences when the calculator dies Also be aware that the electronic ones tend to use the American nautical mile which is a few feet less than the standard one of 6080 feet.

We train with the Jeppesen CR-3 circular flight computer - it is much easier to use than the Dalton/E6B slide thingies, and can be obtained new for around 26 off ebay. As there is a hole through the middle you can put a bit of string through it and use it one handed when you hang it from a suitable place in the cockpit. In our Beavers, there was a convenient hook by the door.

In the absence of the old workbook, which is well out of print, I have done a replacement (PM for details), and we have done an Android app for it as well.
Could you please explain in which way it would be better ?

More computations available ? (given that any computer can do any multiplication I don't see much more to do beyond that, except of course CAS TAS Mach conversions, and density altitude, and wind computation)

More precision ?

A better build ? (easier to move the sliding circle to an exact position)

(For the record, I wouldn't use any specialised electronic computer, just my general purpose calculator which can do everything when programmed right)

So, what about ATPL exams ?

In any case, thank you paco for all the info you're providing. It looks like you are working for an FTO ?
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