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The problem we have is that none of the non-UK governing parties (with the possible exception of the SNP) seem to be fit to form an effective opposition, so it's hard to predict what might happen.

Labour hasn't a hope of getting into power fo as long as they have Jeremy Corbyn at the helm, simply because the majority of UK voters are moderates, and are unlikely to vote for an extremist from the left. As mentioned before, it's rather like the Michael Foot years. Foot was a reasonable enough bloke, but his political views were unpalatable for the majority of UK voters, and like Corbyn he had little or no leadership ability.

One might have hoped that the LibDems might get their act together, but frankly I can't see that happening without a radical shake up. They lost an enormous amount of credibility during the coalition, and their very strong commitment to being in the EU alienates them to 52% of voters.
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