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Originally Posted by Fru1tl00p View Post
Thanks for the replies, it's really appreciated!

She had thought about doing an aviation cert (she went to an aviation based school but unfortunately they didn't do it the year she was there and as they are so expensive (I believe around $5000) she was hesitant especially as she has read that it would not benefit her. A few years ago I asked a couple of my clients that are cabin crew about the courses but they didn't think it would help her as each airline does ground school if their own. But maybe she should look into it again.

She's also considering going to Canada to work for 6 to 12 months to get some other experience and to show that she is mature enough to "look after herself".

Also does anyone know when the airlines say that you can't reapply for 6 or 12 months is this because they keep your details for the next round or is it so they don't have so many people reapplying that they've already assessed.
I wouldn't usually recommend those aviation certs. They aren't necessary at all, and generally, the most they do is help you fill up your resume. But Altara especially (Jetstar, Tiger, Cobham, etc) love applicants who have them, and Aviation Australia especially has a recruitment team that places grads in a pool of preferred candidates for airlines like Airnorth (of which a friend of mine got a job with immediately after graduating), so in that respect the course is worth it just for that if you want the job badly enough.

The best advice I can give for your daughter is to hold off on applying for the next 6-12 months, and just continue to build up experience and fill her resume and then to have a crack at applying again. If she perseveres, I have no doubt she will get the job.
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